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Cocopeat Disc 60mm (Pack of 10)

Cocopeat Disc 60mm (Pack of 10)

per 10 piece

Product details

Comes in a pack of 10, each disc is 60mm in dia and approximately 50g in weight.

Cocopeat Disc is a product that helps manage and maintain the quality of the soil in your garden. This product is an organic soil amendment that helps loosen and break up the soil to allow for better root growth. It also adds natural nutrients to the soil and helps reduce compaction. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own plant but doesn't have the time or expertise to maintain a healthy garden.

  • Sustainable and environmental friendly
  • Requires less watering
  • Fast germination rate and air porosity
  • Rapid and denser rooting
  • No re-wetting problems
  • Excellent buffering properties

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